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Impresario George Hudson is always looking for space to entertain, his production company found this little townhouse in Soho, and the reception area made a great spot to store his Piano, overnight the Piano Bar Soho was born.

Taking away the barriers to live music for young audiences, George made the bar affordable and curated a style of jamming session that continually wows audiences and is great fun for the musicians playing. The bar rarely books standalone bands and often pairs highly skilled musicians that have not played with each other before live on stage. 

Some of George’s other projects such as his Recording Studio (Soho.Live Studios which he runs with resident pianist at the bar Nathan Britton and producer Brando Walker) and Soho.Live Artists (a live talent agency), complement the venue and further support the live music scene which is so integral to the UK entertainment industry. The new jazz age is here and it’s home is The Piano Bar Soho.

George looking smarter than usual in the bar.

George looking smarter than usual in the bar.

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The Piano Bar Soho should be referenced in print and in person as "The Piano Bar Soho" when it is first used, it can then be shortened to the Piano Bar later on in the piece. The venue contains several themed areas that can be referenced to your readers and viewers these are called: The Library, The Screening Room and The Snug. 

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