We are currently building this page to be full of answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please let us know by emailing concierge@pianobarsoho.com


How does your Membership work?

All our patrons are required to be members of the bar to access, membership for “one night only” can be purchased on the door for or alternatively you can purchase annual membership on our website. You are not required to be a member to reserve a spot on our guest list, but entry is only guaranteed for Annual members, depending on capacity. All Private Hire bookings include “one night only” membership for a set number of guests. The bar provides live music every night we are open and there are no additional live music charges. 


We do limit guest list registration online in advance to reduce your time in line, if you arrive at the bar within your specified time and you are an annual member you will be guaranteed entry*. Annual members can join the membership line and if we are at capacity you will be first in when another guest leaves. Annual membership can be purchased at pianobarsoho.com/membership

If you are not yet a member we ask that you purchase a “one-night only” membership for £5 Mon-Wed, £8 Thu-Fri and £10 on Saturdays these are limited to the capacity of the bar, so if we are full and you are not yet a member we sometimes can not accommodate you. 

On the odd occasion despite our best efforts there may be an occasion where we have to limit the annual membership line unexpectedly. We will do all we can to keep this to an absolute minimum.

* We reserve the right to eject or refuse entry to any guest not complying with our licensing practices set out by The City of Westminster.


 Smart Casual – Dress to Impress

    -    No sports trainers, sportswear or manual work wear

    -    No hoodies or hats

    -    No fancy dress

    -    Manager discretion applies at all times